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You won’t see training from a predefined menu or a trainer who’s on the cell phone while you’re doing reps. Transformation is about motion and technique for maximum effectiveness. And while many learn proper form after an injury or at the rehab center, Claude’s approach is built and in-depth assessment of your body and mind. You see, mind control is necessary for muscle control, muscle contraction, inhaling or exhaling. These become integrated techniques that reawaken thousands of muscle fibers, stimulate growth, avoid or work around injuries and begin the process of change.



Men and Women are not made the same! Some studies suggest that men and women may process, store and use fat differently, both while exercising and while at rest. We understand that the key variable in metabolic or fat loss training is the rest interval. The shorter the rest, the better. We will tailor circuit style programs that help you recruit more muscle fibers with a better metabolic session while easing stress on your central nervous system for a rapid recovery. We have amazing fat loss transformation programs that will give you quick results and leave you motivated for your next session!



Any one can pack on some muscle mass. We’re different. Our 1 on 1 strategy focuses on building “lean” muscle while losing body fat. And while size matters, we’ll help you achieve a harder more chiseled, athletic look. Our clients gain between 4-8 kilos, not that puffy exaggerated look but that head-turning, lean physique. The techniques we employ will maximize your ability to gain lean muscle mass.



Training in the gym make up roughly 20 to 40% of the effort for effecting body composition change. After training is when the muscle actually grows. If we’ve supplied our body with the right nutrients, with the correct amount of rest, nutrition makes up the other 60 to 80% of our effort and discipline. We have some amazing nutritional programs that maximize your rest & recovery time and fuel you up to attack your next training session.



Neurac Physiotherapy

Claude qualified in Neurac Physiotherapy Level 1 and 2 in 2011 and has since helped many of his clients who suffered form common sports related injuries, as well as clients who wish to exercise but have problems in their neck, back, shoulders, knee, elbows, ankles etc. overcome persistent pain and at the same time enjoy a different form of exercise. Should you need advice, don’t hesitate to contact Claude directly.


Neurac consists of specially tailored exercises and techniques in suspension slings and aims to restore functional and pain-free movement patterns through high levels of neuro muscular stimulation.


Studies have shown that pain and/or inactivity can disturb the brain’s capacity to switch on the right muscles, at the right strength, at the right time. This leads to impaired muscle interaction, and decreased strength and quality of movement. As a result, some muscles become stressed, strained and painful. The Neurac method focuses on neuro muscular re-education to activate, normalize and strengthen the muscle interaction. Often dramatic reduction of pain and immediate improvement of function can be experienced.



Neurac treatment has proven effective for musculoskeletal disorders such as:


· Low back pain

· Neck pain (ie, whiplash, stiff neck/headache)

· Shoulder/arm dysfunction (ie, impingement, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow)

· Hip/pelvic pain (ie, pelvic girdle pain)

· For the packages With the rehab we have to be a bit flexible as not all people will make the same type of progress. its more a do it and see kind of treatment. Claude may estimate that a person needs 6 sessions but again the person may feel better after 5 or want to continue longer.


Claude giving a rehabilitation session for a knee and hip problem. Strengthening muscles and correcting posture.   All exercises are specific to each client and their individual need.

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