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"I have always been overweight and as long as I can remember, I tried to slim using the gym extensively with very little effect.
I met Claude and it was the beginning of a totally new fitness experience with amazing results.He also helped me get rid of pain I had in my knee and shoulder by making some specific exercises"


"Claude discussed all aspects of my lifestyle and prepared a nutrition program that suited my Arabic culture, I work long hours and the commute to work is also several hours, the program is flexible enough to fit in to this. I have made substantial progress with my weight loss, I feel healthy with more energy and I am happy and excited to continue with the program."



"What made my Claude experience invaluable was the change and modification that Claude facilitated as the program progressed noticing the muscle groups that were stronger and weaker.
There is something about having an award winning body builder help you get in shape."

James Piecowye

"Claude has this ability to listen to people, analyse them, their mind-set, their body. It is a different way of working. The right way.
After few months, my shoulder was completely fixed, and my body was stronger than ever. I also had more energy to perform in my job."



"I used to be so tired and felt so lethargic. I hated the gym and never had any energy to even try and work out. I also have severe scoliosis in the spine so exercise was always difficult and painful for me.
I am so grateful to Claude for helping me to get fit and healthy. My life is amazing now and I can’t believe the energy I have, even my Doctor was surprised at the change in me. I have managed to maintain my weight and I really enjoy the gym now"

Angela Wilson

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